Founded in 2010 by partners Michelle Appel-Kern (MAK) and Brandon Gerson (Ger), Mak & Ger is a modern marketing agency with a global focus and specialization in content marketing for inbound lead generation.

Organizations hire Mak & Ger to present innovative marketing ideas, see them through to completion, and achieve desired results.

Mak & Ger will be your marketing and business operations easy button. We are your first and only call when you need to get something done.  Tell us your objectives and we will map out and execute a plan, from concept to accomplishment.

 Specialties Include

  • Global and International Marketing Strategy and Execution.
  • Digital Business-to-Business Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing. 
  • Buyers Journey Analysis. Create Content To Align With Each Stage of the Journey. Move Target Through Journey to Close. 
  • Marketing and Sales Department Synchronization. 
  • Big Data, CRM and SaaS Integration and Management. 
  •  Disruptive, Brand Engagement Campaigns.
  • Application of Tactical Marketing Elements Required to Achieve Goals.
  • Delighting Customers with Business Acumen, Professionalism and Ability to Deliver.